6 Spots for a Perfect Honeymoon


All the wedding chores are behind, and you can finally go on a honeymoon trip of your dream. And although the honeymoon is actually the name of the first month after the wedding, everyone thinks of it as of a wedding trip. But where should you go to turn your journey into a truly unique and romantic adventure for two? We put together a list of perfect honeymoon destinations for you.

Honeymoon on the islands

Island resorts are a perfect place for a wedding trip. You can enjoy an unforgettable tropical beauty, unique views, wild beaches with crystal-clear water, and all other benefits of a luxury holiday. Here are the best romantic islands for a honeymoon trip:


The islands of the Seychelles archipelago are great for a honeymoon trip. Here, you can find luxury hotels for active recreation lovers as well as completely secluded islets for those, who don’t want others to bother them. It seems that everything in the Seychelles has been created for couples.

Fiji Islands

In the heart of the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, lies a real tropical oasis – the island of Fiji. It’s a place of calming sounds of waves, total relaxation, and an ideal honeymoon, where no one and nothing will bother you and distract you from each other. Just imagine: 200 out of 300 islands of the archipelago are completely uninhabited. Spots like this one are perfect places for a honeymoon if you want to hide from everyone.


Mauritius is another stunningly beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Warm waters, sparkling white sand, coral reefs, and pristine rainforests are a great place for an ideal honeymoon, aren’t they? Mauritius is one of those places that bring strong emotions you never felt before. You will never forget your honeymoon on this island.

Honeymoon in Europe

Old Europe has a lot of perfect honeymoon spots where you can wander through the quiet medieval streets, enjoy each other in cozy restaurants, and touch history. This is why European dating is so yummy.


Where else can you find such a symbiosis of delicious food, deep culture, history, and the strongest love for life? Yes, perhaps, Italy is one of the ideal places for a honeymoon. It’s here that you can pamper yourself with Italian gelato, taste delicious dinner at a local tavern, visit the wine heart of Italy – Tuscany, bask in the Mediterranean sun of Sicily, and of course, enjoy each other’s company during a romantic gondola ride through the Venetian canals.


France is so diverse that it can make every day of your honeymoon absolutely unique. After all, France has a lot of perfect honeymoon locations, like the ski resorts of the French Alps, and the sea resorts of the French Riviera with luxury hotels and expensive casinos, and of course Paris, a city of love and lovers, where you can stroll along the cobblestone romantic streets or just have a glass of wine in a local cafe. In France, you will never feel bored!


The Mediterranean coast of Spain is another great spot to spend a honeymoon. Barcelona will delight you with its rich culture and architectural monuments as well as local cuisine and unforgettable evening parties. If you want some privacy, then you can easily rent a car and drive along the Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol, which combine great seaside resorts and places for active tourism and recreation.

Here’s one of the perfect honeymoon tips: when choosing a location for your wedding trip, the main thing to remember is that beautiful architectural structures, white sand, or virgin nature can certainly give you a feeling of romance and unity with your beloved, but the romantic atmosphere always depends on you and your loved one.

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